Fly Scene Giant Kit
Art nr. : 07-20000
This is the bigger version of our starter kit. Following materials are included in the kit: Spring lever vice with pedestal, ceramic thumb bobbin holder, non-skid hackle pliers, scissor, bodkin, revolving whip finisher, hair flair, finishing scissors eagle, Indian cock necks black and brown, American dry fly starter packs brown, grizzly and black, hooks for dry fly, shrimp, streamer, wet fly and nymphs, varnish, wax tube, copper wire, tying thread black, floss red and black, gold/silver Mylar tinsel, lead wire, peacock herl strung, mallard flank natural and yellow, saddle strung yellow and red, pheasant tail, CDC natural grey, partridge hackle, marabou white and black, gold pheasant tippets, natural deer hair, bucktail white, red and yellow, natural hareÆs mask, natural grey squirrel tail, white calftail, white antron yarn, chenille black, pearl crystal chenille, bead chain eyes, gold beads, pearl krystal flash, hareÆs ear dubbing, muskrat dubbing, dry fly dubbing blue dun, blue wing olive and march brown.

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