Dobb Daddy System - Dobb
Art nr. : DD-G
Dobb Daddy System - Rubber Balls Niklaus Bauer and his team have designed a new system, for fishing your tube flies on a spinning rod. We are now launching a new system to use tube flies on a spinning rods. The system is to have a "rig" and lots of flies. So now makes it unnecessary to buy lot of different custom flies. Totally crazy! With two rigs and a bunch of flies you can also let your spin fish spirit friends fishing with the Bauer tube flies. There is no end to the possibilities!!! Make your own flies to your preference and rig with Dobb Daddy and spin on! These are the rubber balls for the Dobb Daddy Spin Fly System. 10 Rubber Balls per package. Sold in units of 5 packs.

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