Gulff Classic 15 ml Pink Attack
Art nr. : GU15P
The products of GULFF undoubtedly represent the best quality, innovation and technology in the industry. GULFF extensive product range provides unlimited opportunities to create gorgeous flies and successful fishing. Thank you for making responsible choices as well. The raw materials and packaging materials of GULFF products have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of fly tying, user safety and environmental issues. For example the main raw material of UV resins is biodegradable, packaging is recyclable and the end result is non-sticky. GULFF is also the first and only manufacturer to comply unequivocally and responsibly with chemicals legislation and user safety related product and packaging regulations. GULFF's ever-expanding portfolio includes more than 40 different fly fishing chemicals, from super glues to floatants, UV resins and wader repairs. Gulff Classic 15 ml Pink Attack This resin is designed for versatile use. It is perfect for small ants, larvaes, perdigons, pike fly bodies and streamer heads. Color resin series are made for attraction - it cannot be ignored! Fish can see colors - then use colors. You are the artist. Think pink - create candies for graylings or attraction for predators. Resin covers 50-60%. It let you to use other materials under the resin. Use thin layer clear resin for covering. This is how to create layered designs. - Always tack-free finishing - Cures in few seconds (4-5 seconds) - Manufacturing base on G2 high quality resin materials How to use: Mix and shake the resin if pink hue is not stable and deep enough. Take off the bottle tip and use a small stick for mixing. Make thin layers and cure 5 seconds.

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