Keeper Magnetic Releaser
Art nr. : KM1
Keeper Magnetic Releaser If you are using a landing net, you'll need this one. You can survive without it, but belive me, it will just make your life so much easier. The usage is very simple: you just attach the other end of the magnetic part to your fishing vest or to your jacket - both usually have a D-ring placed on the back (neck / shoulder). The other end of the magnet will be attached to the chassis of the net. The included elastic cord is attached to the net and the other end to the vest/jacket. While walking or fishing, the net is hanging on your back and when you need it for netting you'll just yank it downwards and you'll separate the magnets from each others. After netting, you'll just rinse you net, point it (the magnet pointing upwards of course) towards the magnet on your vest/jacket and the magnetic attraction will take care of the rest. You'll hear a click sound and you are ready to go after the next fish. Safe, simple and bulletproof.

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