Keeper Nipper with Needle
Art nr. : KN1
Keeper Nipper with Needle In fly fishing there are very few items more important than the tool you use for various cutting operations while on the water. You can surely try to use your teeth. Sometimes it works just fine - your dentist will thank you for sure - but when you try to get that flattened 5X tippet point through the eye of #22 midge imitation you'll run into trouble. Some guys use scissors for the job. However, proper scissors with sharp points are a bit worrying when they are hanging from your fishing vest or stored to some front pocket. On top of that they tend to be pretty expensive. For those reasons, and probably bunch of other reasons as well, fly fishermen tend to use nippers for their main cutting tool while fishing. Some people use plain fingernail clippers for the job. They are very cheap and available from every store and kiosk. Usually they dull very easily and when in contact with saltwater they rust in a heartbeat. On the other hand, you can always buy a bunch and have one in every vest, chest pack and bag to replace the used one when needed. Or you can go the other end and buy very expensive line nippers with hand painted decorations and so many additional tools that they start to look like a Swiss army knife. Drop it into river or use it accidentally for cutting your toe nails and your done. In order to help your struggle which way to go, Keeper has introduced two nippers for all of us who want to use something between those two extremes: KN1 and KN2. KN1 is your tool if you just need a sharp nipper for cutting lines and a short thin knot needle for cleaning eyes on your flies and opening wind knots. Black in color and burnt orange rubber patches for ergonomic grip. Includes a short bead chain for connecting to a zinger.

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