MUSCA Stripping Guard set of 3 pieces
MUSCA Stripping Guard set of 3 pieces The MUSCA strip fingers protect your fingers while stripping your fly line. Ideal for sea trout, pike and normal trout fishing. These special strip fingers are extra strong so you can strip without burning your fingers. When stripping and as soon as your skin softens through the water, the flyline can cut into your skin. Often putting the hook is enough and you already have a burn on your finger joint. With this thin finger guard you are protected against it and you can fish streamers for hours, even if suddenly a big fish dives on the streamer and gives a pull on the line. Particularly practical on longer trips and also for light tropical fish on e.g. Bonefish. Details: Your line slides more smoothly when stripping Content: 3 pieces Length: 6.5 cm Material: elastic lycra Color: brown / beige One size fits everyone The strip fingers are flexible and dry quickly. 3 Strip fingers per pack. Sold per 5 packs.

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