Big Daddy Vliegenhengel 9'0" #9 4-delig EVA Handvat
Art nr. : VBF4909
Big Daddy Big Daddy rods are great choice for casting the big, air resistant flies. Their powerful medium fast action is forgiving and pleasant when casting but they have brutal power for fighting the monster size pike. As a four piece rods they are easy to pack when you're traveling. These 9 foot rods with EVA handle are made for line weights #9 (recommended head weight 21g) and #10 (recommended head weight 23g). These rods are not recommended for conservative anglers because of their bold colour. Go and try these black colored handles. You might be surprised. They are extremely comfortable when the weather turns nasty - 9' #9 - Medium fast action - Four piece rods - green -olive blanks - Black EVA handle

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