GLASS Streamer Vliegenhengel 7'6" #6 2piece
Art nr. : VGS2766
With this new Glass rod family you can forget the old, slow fibre glass rod feelings. These rods combine nicely modern actions with glass fibre's endless stretch. They feel light in hand and in real fishing situations too. They have remarkably power reserve for the situations where you need it and when playing a fish they feel like rubber shock absorbers keeping the fish hooked untill the picture & release All these rods perform best with short headed lines. Vibe 85 or bottom express is ideal choice for Glass Streamer, Big Daddy goes well with Glass Daddy and Glass Salmon will surprise you when rigged with Ace Skagit head. Comes with an elegant glass fibre rod tube and a cloth. GLASS Streamer - 7'6" #6, 2-piece. - Chrome plated stainless steel snake guides & chrome plated stainless steel stripping guide. - Insect green blank. - Small cork full wells handle & small cork fighting butt. - Matt black aluminium reelseat with glass fibre insert. - Cloth bag and insect green fibre glass rod tube. - Weight: 112 gram.

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