Junior outfit 7'6" #5-6 - 4 Piece
Art nr. : VJK4765
Junior Outfit 7'6" #5-6 - 4 Piece The future of fly fishing is naturally in the hands of the kids of today. Nowadays, fly fishing has to compete with a huge variety of other hobbies. Kids are trying new things and ditching them faster than light if they don't have a positive first encounter. From that perspective, giving a young child a long and heavy fly rod with a very light fly line is like shooting yourself in the foot. Unfortunately, this happens all too often - we let them try our own sets or buy them a normal ready-to-go combo from a shop. In order to make sure their first date with fly fishing goes smoothly, we introduced a special Junior set for the kids. It has a special short and light 4 - piece 7'6'' medium-action Junior rod, a quality Junior reel and a kick-ass floating #5/6 Vibe 65 fly line with unbeatable casting capabilities especially at short to medium range distances. With very little practice, any child can get their fly out to all those hungry fishes. Starting fly fishing with proper equipment at a young age just can't get easier than with this outfit. The kit is ready for fishing - the backing, fly line and leader are pre-spooled and the kit is packed into easily transportable short protective Cordura tube with a reel pouch. PS. This set is an outstanding outfit for anybody fishing small creeks with confined spaces - regardless of his or hers age.

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