Coq De Leon
Art nr. : ZZ40-20XXX
Coq De Leon We are proud to offer the most beautiful fly tying feathers from Spain: Coq de Leon. Coq de Leon is a type of feather from a special type of roosters from Leon area from Spain. You can find two main families of roosters: Indio and Pardo. These feathers from the both families must be very bright on the front and it must preserve this bright on the back side of the feather. On the PARDO feathers the speckles in different sizes penetrate the feather and should be clearly seen on both sides. Indio is usually equivalent with non speckled type of pigmentation of feathers. The roosters are generally grey, dun, brown or black with subtile shades and colors. Both Indio and Pardo feathers are used for tying fantastic flies. The barbs are used for making fantastic tails and hackle for dry flies and wet also. The barbs of the feathers are translucent when you check them in the sun, elastic and very shinny. Details: - Coq de Leon feathers are from kidney zone and are the best from quality point of view - The feathers are not so long compared with other feathers from neck or saddle but the fibers hale all almost the same length. - The shape of a Coq de Leon feather is with the tip more round. - Coq de Leon feathers are used not only for tying tail but for tying wings and hackle ( in Spanish Style ) - 10 feathers/bag Sold per package.

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