Art nr. : ZZ61-90XXX
MINNOW & BAITFISH Sparkle Dub MINNOW & BAITFISH Sparkle Dub is a dubbing based upon our MINNOW & BAITFISH Dub which excists of fine, long (up to 10cm) and soft natural fibers mixed with 2 colors of Angel Hair (one of the two is always UV ICE Blue) . Perfect for making baitfish or minnow immitations. Use it ass a wing material or to make bulky wool heads on Pike streamers. Thanks to our productionproces we are able to put al the fibers in the same direction in our package. This makes the use of our dubbing very easy. We have 5 gram of dubbing in a package. Our program excist of 20 colors. Sold in units of 5 packs per color.

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