Squirmy worms
Art nr. : ZZ26-30XXX
Squirmy Worms The squirmy wormy is a fly pattern that originated in the USA and is based on a relatively new material consisting of an incredibly stretchy rubbery substance. The material is thick, weighty, available in a wide range of colours and wiggles extremely enticingly. You'll struggle to find a worm imitation anywhere near as lifelike or effective as the squirmy. Some people think it crosses the line between fly and lure, but it's really just a clinically obese Apps bloodworm. On the right day, it's a really effective pattern to try. The squirmy wormy was originally used on rivers in the US for brown and rainbow trout. It's just as deadly over here, and it's said to be an extremely effective pattern for river grayling, especially in pink and red, whether the water is coloured or clear. It's great for bigger perch and roach too. Cast it upstream and retrieve the line as the worm trundles back towards you in the current and you'll probably hook up sooner or later. In rivers, I find it works best with a bead to help the material sink a bit better, which also seems to improve the action slightly. Sold in units of 5 packs per color.
Description Art Nr.
Squirmy Worms White 26-30002
Squirmy Worms Red 26-30040
Squirmy Worms Bloodworm Red 26-30042
Squirmy Worms Olive 26-30110
Squirmy Worms Brown 26-30130
Squirmy Worms Earthworm Brown 26-30140
Squirmy Worms Tan 26-30156
Squirmy Worms Black 26-30199
Squirmy Worms Pink 26-30220
Squirmy Worms Fluo Yellow 26-30502
Squirmy Worms Fluo Orange 26-30503
Squirmy Worms Fluo Green 26-30507
Squirmy Worms Glow In The Dark 26-31477

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