Egg yarn
Art nr. : ZZ24-01XXX
Egg yarn Hydrophobic fibers extra fine, to immitate salmon eggs. Glo-bugs or salmon egg imitations are the most effective flies for steelheads and salmons. It is also a good material to use as an strike indicator. Sold in units of 5 packs per color.
Description Art Nr.
Egg Yarn White 24-01002
Egg Yarn Cheese 24-01018
Egg Yarn Blood Red 24-01040
Egg Yarn Black 24-01199
Egg Yarn Pink 24-01220
Egg Yarn Flame 24-01231
Egg Yarn Peach 24-01232
Egg Yarn Salmon Egg 24-01233
Egg Yarn Bubble Gum 24-01234
Egg Yarn Fluo Yellow 24-01502
Egg yarn Fuo Orange 24-01503
Egg Yarn Fluo Fire Orange 24-01504
Egg Yarn Fluo Chartreuse 24-01508

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