Furry Foam
Art nr. : ZZ25-01XXX
Furry Foam A flexible sheet with a soft foam centre and a flocked fuzzy outside. Top and bottom can be separated for thinner applications. Floats well. Sold in units 5 packs per color.
Description Art Nr.
Furry Foam Cream 25-01003
Furry Foam Light Olive 25-01111
Furry Foam Brown 25-01130
Furry Foam Tan 25-01156
Furry Foam Grey 25-01170
Furry Foam Black 25-01199
Furry Foam Golden Stone 25-01205
Furry Foam Light Pink 25-01221
Furry Foam Peach 25-01232
Furry Foam Fluo Chartreuse 25-01508
Furry Foam Fluo Pink 25-01510

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