Magic Quills
Art nr. : ZZ27-00XXX
Magic Quills The original and fantastic Magic Quills from Gaga Flies. A perfect substitute for the stripped peacock fibers. You can make beautiful '' bodies '' on your flies with it. The strips are suitable for both dry flies, nymphs and buzzers. Because it is transparent you can make all the colors you want. You only need markers (permanent markers), colored tying thread and tinsels to create the most beautiful 'magic' combinations. It is a very practical material that is easy to process. Magic Quills are transparent, '' tapered '' strips with a dark border. Very nice to make the segmentation of '' insect bodies ''. The abdomen of the fly can be made with colored tying thread or other body material, then it is covered by these magically tapered strips and then possibly finished with UV-Resin. You are guaranteed of a 'magical' result! Each package contains 20 strips, each 10 cm long. Available in 3 sizes: Large for hook size # 8 - # 12 Medium for hook size # 12 - # 16 Narrow for hook size # 16 - # 22 Sold in units of 5 packs per color.
Description Art Nr.
Magic Quills Transparant Small 27-00701
Magic Quills Transparant Medium 27-00702
Magic Quills Transparant Large 27-00703

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