Master dub
Art.Nr. : ZZ61-20XXX
This is a 1,2 denier, 1,5" staple synthetic material that has been permanently waterproofed. It makes fantastic tight bodies on dries past size 28. Great hatch matching colors. Sold in units of 5 packs per color.
Description Art Nr.
Master Dub Pale Yellow 61-20012
Master Dub Red Midge 61-20040
Master Dub Caddis Green 61-20093
Master Dub Olive 61-20110
Master Dub Golden Olive 61-20117
Master Dub Blue Wing Olive 61-20118
Master Dub Brown Olive 61-20121
Master Dub Brown 61-20130
Master Dub Rusty Brown 61-20134
Master Dub March Brown 61-20135
Master Dub Mahogany Brown 61-20138
Master Dub Tan 61-20156
Master Dub Dark Tan 61-20157
Master Dub Light Cahill 61-20159
Master Dub Adam Grey 61-20178
Master Dub Blue Dun 61-20182
Master Dub Pale Morning Dun 61-20183
Master Dub Pale Evening Dun 61-20184
Master Dub Black 61-20199
Master Dub Cinnamon Caddis 61-20203
Master Dub Callibaetis 61-20215
Master Dub Hendrickson Pink 61-20222
Master Dub Fluo Chartreuse 61-20508

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