Uni floss
Art.Nr. : ZZ10-32XXX
Made 50% of nylon and 50% of rayon, strong and shiny, very popular single strand floss 600 denier.
Description Art Nr.
Uni Seide Weiss 10-32002
Uni Seide Hell Gelb 10-32017
Uni Seide Rostig Orange 10-32028
Uni Seide Orange 10-32030
Uni Seide Rot 10-32040
Uni Seide Lila 10-32060
Uni Seide Silber doctor Blau 10-32073
Uni Seide Highlander Grün 10-32095
Uni Seide Oliv 10-32110
Uni Seide Brün 10-32130
Uni Seide Scwharz 10-32199
Uni Seide Rosa 10-32220

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