Antron yarn
Art.Nr. : ZZ21-02XXX
A continuous tri-lobal fibre, that reflects light. For spinner wings, wing cases, emergers, upright wings on parachutes, streamer tails. Similar to Z-long, packed on spools. Sold in units of 5 spools.
Description Art Nr.
Antron Yarn Weiss 21-02002
Antron Yarn Cream 21-02003
Antron Yarn Hell Weiss 21-02004
Antron Yarn Gelb 21-02010
Antron Yarn Rot 21-02040
Antron Yarn Medium Oliv 21-02112
Antron Yarn Brün 21-02130
Antron Yarn Staal Grijs 21-02176
Antron Yarn Schwarz 21-02199
Antron Yarn Shell Roza 21-02226
Antron Yarn Fluo Gelb 21-02502
Antron Yarn Fluo Orange 21-02503
Antron Yarn Fluo Fire Orange 21-02504
Antron Yarn Fluo Grün 21-02507
Antron Yarn Fluo Chartreuse 21-02508
Antron Yarn Fluo Roza 21-02510

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