DEEP Fly Reel and Spare Spools
Art nr. : ZZVDXXX
DEEP These reels have a deeper arbour giving you plenty of capacity for your lines. They also have a reliable and smooth disc brake with easy and accurate adjusting. They are strong but still light in weight, thanks to a latest die-cast techniques and materials. Their non-reflecting matt finish and reliable, XLA style spool's quick release, are something that you are not used to find from this price level's reels before. Features - Reliable disc brake - Deep arbour for extra capacity - Quick spool release - Available in black, yellow and white
Description Art Nr.
DEEP Fly Reel Black #11 VD11B
DEEP Spare spool Black #11 VD11B-001
DEEP Fly Reel Black #5-6 VD56B
DEEP Spare spool Black #5-6 VD56B-001
DEEP Fly Reel Black #7-8 VD78B
DEEP Spare spool Black #7-8 VD78B-001
DEEP Fly Reel White #7-8 VD78W
DEEP Fly Reel Yellow #7-8 VD78Y
DEEP Fly Reel Black #9-10 VD910B
DEEP Spare spool Black #9-10 VD910B-001

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