XLV Custom Fly Reel
XLV Custom Fly Reel XLV Nymph, Switch, Lohi, Kust and Mama These are customised versions of the XLV reels to suit certain fishing styles in the best possible way. The NYMPH #4-5 reel is narrow and has an ultra large arbour for quick line retrieve. It has a full body rim preventing thin nymph lines slipping into wrong places and causing jams. The brake has been modified for lighter tippets and is super smooth. It also has a 360-degree adjustment. The SWITCH #8-9 is the perfect choice for modern switch rods. With its capacity it takes basically any switch line, no matter if it is a full line or a shooting head system. The full body rim is there for those who like thin monofilament type running lines and it also adds strength to the reel for the moments when you fight big fish. The weight of the reel is matched to balance the Switch rods of 11' - 12'6" in length perfectly. The LOHI #9-10 reel is a sturdier and heavier addition to XLV family. It'll be the choice for rods longer than 13' and its brake system is capable of handling all anadromous fish species. Thanks to its corrosion proof construction it is a more affordable option for saltwater use too. There is enough capacity for heavy shooting head systems or #10 - 12 SW lines with loads of backing.
Description Art Nr.
XLV Fly Reel #56 NYMPH VLV56N
XLV Custom Fly Reel KUST #78 VLV78K
XLV Custom Fly Reel MAMA #89 VLV89M
XLV MAMA Spare Spool #89 VLV89M-001
XLV Custom Fly Reel SWITCH #89 VLV89S
XLV Custom Fly Reel SWITCH Spare Spool #89 VLV89S-001
XLV Custom Fly Reel LOHI #910 VLV910L
XLV Custom Fly Reel LOHI Spare Spool #910 VLV910L-001

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