Control Running Lines
Control Running Lines This is a perfect running line for the ones who want to know where their fly is. This monofilament core running line has an orange HiFloT - coating with dark green markers in 5 m intervals. So you can easily see how much you have line out and if you get a take it's easy to cover that lie again as you know how far it was. The monofilament core makes it slightly stiffer compared to our other ACE running lines so you're less likely to get tangles. It has a big loop at the front and smaller at the back . Come's in two version one made over a 20lb core with total thickness of 0.033" and the other one made over a 30lb core with total thickness of 0.039".
Description Art Nr.
Ace Control Running Line 0.033 Floating VRLC33F
Ace Control Running Line 0.039 Floating VRLC39F

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