Fly Scene Pro Team

We also founded the Fly Scene Pro team, which is a group of enthusiastic fly tyers, which are bringing new idea's to the brand and are testing the materials which we have in the program.

Paul Van De Sande - Heist-op-den-Berg (B)

Paul was born in 1961 in Heist-op-den-Berg (a small town in Flanders, Belgium), and still lives there with his wife Nicole and their German shepherd dog L'Ours . They have one daughter Yasmien and they are the proud grandparents of Gust.
He learned fly tying in 1990 after meeting Jan Mertens, who became his tutor. The year after that, they started fly fishing together and have been fishing ever since for all kinds of fresh- and saltwater species.
In 1993 he got the opportunity to represent Swan products, a Danish wholesaler of fly tying materials, after 5 years doing this part time he started to work full time for them, until two years later in 2000, when he bought their fly tying department and VDS Fly fishing Tackle BVBA and the brand Fly Scene were born. As a fly fisher and thanks to his profession, Paul has fished from Alaska, USA over the British island to almost every country in Western Europe. Every year in october he does some professional guiding in Austria on the famous grayling River, the Big Drau. Every year during this two week trip he designs new patterns to represent the aquatic life graylings are feeding on. He has been tying flies on different festivals over Europe in the last 25 years and for him, this is a time for meeting old friends and sharing techniques and knowledge. The last years he likes to fish for barbels, a fish underestimated by most fly fisherman. He has been fishing for them with dry flies in Extramadura and with nymphs in Belgium, Germany and G.H.D. Luxemburg.

Christian Bazan - Ciney (B)

At the age of 10, Christian started flyfishing on the shores of Belgian rivers and lakes. After a difficult start, some other fishermen have taken him along and have taught him what they knew. At 13 years old, he has started competing in Belgium, and has met Tony Perin, one of the leading men in Belgian flyfishing. His fishing methods have since then changed, he has fishing different places and participated in international fly fishingcompetitions.
Thanks to his teaching, he has learned numerous techniques that have helped him win competitions such as the Junior Belgian Championship, the French international competitions, etc.
In 2011, he has joined, together with Julien Lorquet, the Fly Scene Pro Team. Apart from that, they spend a lot of their  time fishing medium-sized rivers, such as the Ourthe, L'homme, and the Vesder. These trips allow them to train and try out new techniques.
Sinc the 1st of september 2016 he's working fulltime for Fly Scene and doing the sales in the French speaking territories.

Fred Frooninckx - Vilvoorde (B)

Fred was born in 1999 and caught his first fish only 6 years later. After a couple of years fishing with lures he was introduced to (the beauty of) fly fishing, he was immediately hooked!
His main occupation these days consist of tying fluff on hooks, or as some may call it: fly tying. It started out with woolly buggers and typical dry flies and quickly developed to the art of creating exciting and fish catching flies.
These days he spends his time fishing for every fish that can be caught on a fly on a fly (pike and trout mainly). When at the tying bench he airbrushes poppers and ties big articulated flies. Every time he sits down at his tying bench he tries to use new and innovative techniques to create unique flies that catch fish around the world!
He's the benjamin of the Fly Scene Pro Team but it's one of our goals to promote fly tying to youngsters and how can you do this better then with having a young fly tyer for doing demonstrations on shows. He's very eager and you will see more of him on social media.

Jan Mertens - Herentals (B)

Jan started fishing at age 6, but only discovered fly fishing when he was 30 years old. At the same time, he started fly tying, and now ties all kinds of flies (except traditional salmon flies), mostly for his own needs.
He has tied on fairs in France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium, and up till now has caught over 25 different species all over Europe. For the last 15 years, he went to Ireland every year to fish on the famous loughs and rivers. During wintertime when the trout streams are closed he's fishing mostly for pike in the polders in Holland.

Peter Joest - Hilden (D)

Peter was born in 1958 and is currently working as a mechanic in the University Hospital of Düsseldorf.
Since his childhood he's been an enthusiastic angler but started flyfishing and flytying only at the age of 35 years. Inspired by a report about a very special squid pattern which was tied by Jean-Louis Teyssie he found his own style. With the help of a friend from his club, Peter created a special tubing braid which is called "Twinkletube". This material makes it easy to tie flies from very small to very big sizes. Meantime this tying style has been established. 
At his club and at fishingshops he gives lessons in flytying and at flyfishing shows around the world, he has proven his knowledge successfully.  His favorite patterns are saltwaterflies like shrimps, squids and streamers for seatrouts and seabasses which you can see on his website.

Holger Herold - Coburg (D)

Holger was born in 1976 in Lichtenfels, and has gone fishing with his father for the first time when he was 10 years old. As was customary where he grew up, his father fished with worms or corn. Only through magazines did he know something about flyfishing. At the age of 24, flyfishing crossed his path, and he was fascinated by it. He took a beginner's fly fishing course in Coburg, and the art of flyfishing has inspired him so much, that he sold all of his other equipment, and fishes only with a fly.
Since as a beginner, he also lost a lot of flies (that are not cheap), he also started tying his own flies. Since their was no fly tying course in his neighbourhood, he learned everything he knows from books and magazines - and of course, a lot of practice!
A friend then advised him to participate in a fly tying competition, and so for the last 10 years, he has competed in Slovenia and Norway.  There, he has learned to use different materials and techniques, and he has shown his expertise in demonstrations at several expositions, such as the Fy Happening in Putte (B).

Bas De Bruin- Hellevoetsluis (NL)

Bas was born in Rotterdam, March 1958. He gets an infection of the fly-fishing virus after a holiday in Sweden in 1995. His first attempt for fly-fishing was 2-years later in Norway. After he gets his first casting lesson on a park place, in the North of Norway, from a lorry driver he cached his first fish, a tiny Grayling. He went home and was totally hooked!
In a short time he learnt and practised a lot to improve on his casting-, flytying-, and fly fishing skills and became fly-casting champion of Holland. He did a lot to improve the casting skills off the Dutch VNV instructors and set in cooperation with the VNV the goals for the VNV casting certification programme.
He travelled a lot to chasing fish with his fly-rod and went from the Bahama's (bonefish) to Ireland (Salmon) from Austria (colourful Grayling and Trout) to Norway (Polak, Salmon, Grayling and beautiful Trout) from Germany (Trout and Grayling) to Canada (from Chinook to Brook Trout). And every year he doesn't forget to visit Denmark to catch one of his favourites fish the silvery Sea-trout.
At present he is an EFFA Master Instructor and a member of the EFFA Casting Advisory Board, Chairman of the recently founded Fly-fishing Club Voorne-Putten (VV-VP), chairman of the Dutch EFFA department, member the Dutch Association of Advanced Fly Tiers (D.A.A.FT) but they are not daft at all), Chairman of the fish management commission of the Oostvoornse Lake and a member of the Vision World Team.
Bas gives presentations about entomology, workshops on fly-casting techniques and tactics, gives fly-casting and fly-tying demo's and lessons at clubs, fly fishing events (Fly Fair, Fly-happening, Visma, Fair for Lure and Fly, Nordic Hunting and Fishing Show etc.), game fairs and supplies information about fly-fishing courses  in Norway, Germany and Denmark (sea trout), at fly-fishing clubs in the Netherlands.
He loves to demonstrate and teach fly-casting techniques at National and International Fairs. His biggest smile he gets when one of his students catch his first fish on the fly-rod and see the sparkling in his eyes that “He's totally hooked” too!! 

Sepp Fuchs- Spijkenisse (NL)

Sepp started 35 years ago with flyfishing. He was very passionate to unlock the secrets of the rivers. One of his trademarks is practicing and using trickcasts to avoid obstacles and master the different currents in a river. And he's more than willing to teach you his tricks.
Sepp is nowadays an international instructor and flytier. He gives flycasting demo's and lessons at a lot fly fishing events such as Fly Fair, Danish Fly Festival, FFF Conclave and several other international and national shows and fly fishing events.
He's member of the Dutch Association of Advanced Fly Tiers (D.A.A.F.T.), EFFA Master Fly Casting Instructor, board member of the Fly Casting Department EFFA, board member of the Dutch department of the EFFA and board member of his home Fly-fishing club “Vliegvisvereniging Voorne-Putten”.
Sepp is a very innovative instructor (inventor of the SF-roll cast -a method for  training rollcast on the lawn) former Dutch fly casting champion, he has his own fly casting video and is the inventor of the famous welded flyline loops with the use of shrinktubes.
Recently he joined the vision World team and became a member of the Fly Scene Pro Team.

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