VDS Fly Fishing Tackle was founded by Paul Van De Sande in the mid nineties he sold the fly tying materials of SWAN Products in Benelux, France and Germany. In 2000 Paul got the opportunity for buying the fly tying department from Swan Products Denmark. This was the start of his own fly tying brand Fly Scene.
Since then we had a steady growth and in 2005 we got the exclusive distributionship for Vision a Finish brand of Fly Fishing Materials. As Paul worked from the start of Vision in 1997 as a salesman and agent for them this was the next logical step.

Our Companies main focus in fly tying is to offer high quality materials for a fair price. And every year we develop new products which we manufacture in house.
To serve our customers better we have now two salesman: Christian Bazan for France and Belgium and Jakob Dellen for Germany and The Netherlands.

In the meantime we created 2 other brands: Pike Monkey & Musca. Pike Monkey offers a wide variety of fly tying materials designed for predator fishing and Musca includes everything that you need on the waterside. Like fly boxes, tools, pliers, nippers and leaders.

Our website is a B2B website for shops, guides and professional fly tiers. If you have any questions you can Always send an email to info@flyscene.be we are here to help you.

Paul Van De Sande

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