About us


Paul was born in 1961 in Heist-op-den-Berg (a small town in Flanders, Belgium), and still lives there with his wife Nicole and their American Akita - Sushi. They have one daughter Yasmien and they are the proud grandparents of Gust.

He learned fly tying in 1990 after meeting Jan Mertens, who became his tutor. The year after that, they started fly fishing together and have been fishing ever since for all kinds of fresh- and saltwater species.

In 1993 he got the opportunity to represent Swan products, a Danish wholesaler of fly tying materials, after 5 years doing this part time he started to work full time for them, until two years later in 2000, when he bought their fly tying department and VDS Fly fishing Tackle BV and the brand Fly Scene were born. As a fly fisher and thanks to his profession, Paul has fished from Alaska, USA over the British island to almost every country in Western Europe. For 15 years he has done some professional guiding in Austria on the famous grayling River, the Big Drau. Every year during this two week trip he designs new patterns to represent the aquatic life graylings are feeding on. He has been tying flies on different festivals over Europe in the last 30 years and for him, this is a time for meeting old friends and sharing techniques and knowledge. The last years he likes to fish for barbels, a fish underestimated by most fly fisherman. He has been fishing for them with dry flies in Extramadura and with nymphs in Belgium, Germany and G.H.D. Luxemburg.